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Litho or digital?
We use two print methods for our stationery, lithography and digital. We will recommend one or the other to you depending on the design of your stationery. Here’s a simple explanation both:

We refer to Litho as ‘traditional print’ and it is by far the favourite choice
with most of our clients. Our Litho press can print on both sides
of paper/card and uses ‘plates’ to print individual Pantone inks. We
recommend it be used to print one and two colour designs only as the
cost starts to get prohibitive if you exceed this. Litho print is perfect for metallics such as gold and silver.

With Digital there are virtually no limits to what can be achieved. Its print process is similar to that of a colour copier, albeit a very high quality one and it can print full colour images and photographs
very easily. It is however not suitable for achieving metallic colours and there is a limit to the thickness of paper that can be printed on.

We also offer a wide range of finishes such as varnishing, metallic foiling, die-cutting (cutting out a shape) and embossing. Please note that they can have a high cost per unit. If you require more information contact us.